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Palantex allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies easily, benefiting from personalized support for every situation.

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A crypto ecosystem dedicated to your support and success.

Digital Asset

Benefit from our expertise to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies under the best conditions with proven strategies.


We put all our technical expertise at your disposal to securely store your cryptocurrencies.


Take advantage of our legal infrastructure to securely store and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio with peace of mind.


Receive monthly reports to track the evolution of your portfolio and have a detailed view of the state of the crypto market.

Account manager

Each of our clients receives personalized support to deal with any situation.

Real time

Our teams monitor the evolution of the crypto market and your custody assets in real time. At the slightest threat, you will be alerted.

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Benefit from a personalized premium experience

Thanks to the presence of a dedicated advisor, every aspect of your journey with us is meticulously tailored to offer you complete satisfaction. Your exclusively assigned advisor takes the time to thoroughly understand your goals, expectations, and situation to design tailor-made solutions.

A network of private partners

In the business world, one of the most valuable resources is neither capital nor the products or services offered: it is the network of partners.

Palantex is committed to providing you with privileged access to its exclusive network of partners, each operating in the cryptocurrency sector with full legal compliance.

Our partners are carefully selected for their integrity and strict adherence to legal frameworks, ensuring reliability and flawless security for your investments in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Complete Compliance

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform is proud to offer a 100% regulated trading environment, not only in Europe but also globally.

This complete compliance with financial regulations ensures maximum transparency and security for our users during their transactions.

We have obtained the necessary licenses in each jurisdiction where we operate, demonstrating our commitment to adhering to the strictest standards imposed by international financial authorities.

About Palantex

Discover who we are and where we come from to better understand the mission driving our company and the values guiding our actions. Our story is one of a shared passion for innovation and transparency in the technological field.

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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The questions are regularly updated to reflect the latest changes and to cover new relevant topics.

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What is the minimum capital required to enjoy your services?

The minimum capital required is €50,000 to invest in cryptocurrencies.

How long does it take to open an account?

With the KYC process, it takes about 48 hours to open an account.

Are my funds safe?

We take the security of your cryptocurrencies very seriously and use an advanced custody system to ensure maximum protection. Our security protocols are constantly updated to address new threats and ensure robust defense. Additionally, our clients benefit from increased transparency through the regular delivery of proof of reserves, conducted by independent external audit firms, which ensure the truthfulness and security of their assets.

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