Our Mission

Palantex's mission is to deliver a secure and premium cryptocurrency exchange platform, specifically crafted to meet the rigorous demands of private investors.

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The birth of a vision...

Palantex's vision stems from the acknowledgment of a specific market need: to provide a highly secure and entirely private platform for investors interested in cryptocurrencies.

Influenced by this niche yet burgeoning market, Palantex's founders opted to forge a tailored solution, merging traditional financial expertise with technological innovation in the digital asset realm.

A truly unique premium experience

Palantex delivers a unique experience to high-net-worth investors, providing an exclusive platform that merges absolute confidentiality, state-of-the-art security, and personalized services.

Each client receives privileged access to expert advice and bespoke solutions tailored to the most sophisticated investment strategies and the highest discretion requirements.

Palantex Founder

Founder of Palantex

Sylvain March


Sylvain is a professional trader with 20+ years of experience, specialized in Technical analysis, Quantitative analysis and behavioural finance. He is also the author of a best seller book, and founder of 2 successful companies :

Doji Finance
Established since 2012, 20 collaborators and 5000 customers

Established since 2024

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team committed to your success

Palantex team


Our legal team, based in Lithuania, comprises dedicated experts ensuring the compliance and legal security of all our operations.


AML Officer tasked with supervising and implementing anti-money laundering strategies.


Our trusted legal partner, bringing expertise and precise guidance to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.

Palantex team


Our technical team, operating remotely across Europe, ensures continuous development and optimization of our solutions through effective and diverse collaboration.

François - CTO

François, our CTO, brings in-depth technical expertise and essential strategic vision to guide our technological evolution.


Benoît, our lead developer, coordinates and innovates in interface development to push the performance of our platform to excellence.

Palantex team

Account Manager

Our dedicated advisory team, based in Spain, is here to assist you at any time with expertise and diligence.

François R.

Specialized in guiding affluent investors and knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, François will always be able to assist you.


Always present by Sylvain's side since the beginning, Eva is a committed and competent coordinator, capable of resolving any encountered issues.

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