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We provide a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to fulfill your every requirement for investing in crypto-assets.


A peer-to-peer purchasing system management

OTC transactions provide enhanced privacy since they occur outside public markets. This is especially beneficial for investors seeking to conduct significant transactions without impacting market prices or disclosing their identity or intentions to other market participants.

  • More attractive rates
  • Privacy and discretion
  • Access to premium support

Custody Management

Our custom storage system is designed to specifically meet the needs of private investors, businesses, or financial institutions.

  • High-level security
  • Advanced backup system
  • Accessibility and user-friendliness

Reporting & Account Manager

Monthly Reporting

Receive a monthly report to track the evolution of your portfolio and gain a detailed overview of the crypto market's status.

Performance tracking

Market overview

Dedicated Account Manager

Each of our clients receives tailored support to address any situation.

Customized support


Real time Monitoring

Our teams monitor the crypto market's evolution and your custody assets in real-time. At the slightest threat, you will be alerted.


Customized alerts followup

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